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River Bank Development Corporation was formed in 1998 as part of the Saskatchewan Government’s Neighbourhood Development Organization program. River Bank is a non-profit corporation with members from several local economic, social development organizations, the human services field, the financial sector, housing, and grassroots/community members. Our current focus is on affordable housing and homelessness.

We have over 100 affordable housing units located in different neighbourhoods in Prince Albert. Our tenants range from low-income families and individuals who are unable to afford market rents. We work to our community with quality housing at an affordable price.

In addition, we are active in the effort to end homelessness in our community. River Bank is the Designated Community Entity for Reaching Home. This program supports communities across Canada to develop local partnerships to deal with homelessness. Our role is to work with the local Community Advisory Board to develop and implement a community plan to deal with homelessness. Through community partnerships and careful management, River Bank Development Corporation continues to create quality programs for the benefit of those in and around the community of Prince Albert.

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