Coordinated Access

River Bank Development Corporation LTD. is the designated community entity for Reaching Homes in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Our responsibility as a Community Entity is to work with the local Community Advisory Board (CAB) to develop the Community Plan. The CAB is composed of members representing various sectors including Indigenous Organizations, Government, Health, Emergency Shelters, Housing Organizations, Corrections, the City of Prince Albert, and the business community. The CAB participates in the development of the Community Plan, the call for proposals and approval of funding.

Coordinated Access is the process by which people with housing challenges are:

  • directed to community-level access points;
  • supported to address their housing challenge through initial triage and, if necessary, further assessment using standard tools;
  • prioritized for housing resources based on desired community-level
    outcomes; and
  • matched and referred to housing resources when a vacancy becomes available.

Coordinated Access systems share several features, including:

  • a centralized information management system – the Homeless
    Individuals and Families Information System (HIFIS) or equivalent
    Homelessness Management Information System (HMIS);
  • a centralized inventory of housing resources (Coordinated Access
    Resource Inventory);
  • clear access points;
  • a common set of triage and assessment tools;
  • consistently applied protocols; and
  • resources (e.g. dedicated staffing including a Coordinated Access
    Lead and HIFIS Lead).